Message from the Founders:
Seeking New Leadership & Land Transition

January 29, 2024

2024 is Unadilla Community Farm’s 11th season, and our fifth as a 501c3 nonprofit. We are incredibly proud of where Unadilla Community Farm has come, from our first season bushwhacking fields of goldenrod to where we are today. Now, ten years later, Unadilla Community Farm is a thriving 501c3 non-profit supported by generous recurring donors, foundations, and grants. We donate 100% of our produce to food pantries, mutual aid groups, and herbal clinics, which amounted to over $43,500 worth of produce in 2023. Over the past 10 years, 228 people from across 6 continents have participated in our education programs, including our Permaculture Internship, Farm Fellowship, and Community Volunteer Days. With the incredible support of volunteers, interns, and staff, we have transformed an abandoned corn field, regenerating the land and establishing a 1-acre multi-story “food forest” that is one-of-a-kind in the region. The food forest currently features over 160 varieties of perennial, cold-hardy crops, including over 350 fruit and nut trees; over 480 berry-producing shrubs; ⅓ of an acre of culinary and medicinal herbs; and over 4,600 square feet of bed space for annual vegetables. We are living out our mission to educate the public about sustainable agriculture practices while increasing food access and access to herbalism.

Now it is time for us to pass the torch on to the next generation, to share all of the knowledge, skills, and lessons we’ve learned in founding this one-of-a-kind non-profit farm education center. This is a call-out for new staff and board leadership, to take over management of Unadilla Community Farm, which includes a transition of land ownership, ensuring guaranteed access for the non-profit to continue its operations. All programming is planned to continue and all grant contracts will be upheld. We currently also have a call-out for Herbal Aid Program applications for mutual aid groups interested in receiving herb donations through our program. We are committed to a seamless transition and will onboard the new team throughout the next year, passing on all aspects of the operations, management, and programming.

For those parties (whether individuals or organizations) interested in assuming leadership of the operation, including land ownership, please click here for the full details on the transition process and desired qualifications for incoming management.

We’re so excited to see what the next 10 years hold in store for Unadilla Community Farm.
Thank you for your support!

~Greta Zarro, Co-Founder & Board President
~Ben Tyler, Co-Founder & Project Manager

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Early days planting the orchard

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